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Creo Sketch 2.0

Creo Sketch offers the easiest and fastest way to create and design
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Parametric Technology Corporation

Creo Sketch offers the easiest and fastest way for more people throughout the enterprise to contribute their ideas graphically. Creo Sketch is a stand-alone 2D design app that enables users to quickly draw or sketch their ideas- as if they were writing on a napkin. Users can add color or other special effects to the sketch if needed to transform a quick sketch into finished artwork. Suppliers, customers, marketing and sales professionals can now communicate their ideas more effectively by sharing digital sketches created in this intuitive 2D CAD app.

Features & Benefits:

-Enable rapid ideation from anyone in the product development team
-Replace traditionally hand drawn sketches for concept design, industrial design, illustrations and design reviews
-Create quick and rough sketches or finished artwork
-Capture and share your 2D designs easily with colleagues and directly leverage the data in other Creo apps
-Use with tablets to further increase speed and productivity

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